Marvel's Least Wanted

All Marvel's Least Wanted figures were made by Matt Lind.

WCW Bruisers DDP with head from Ghost Rider's Skinner.

The Grinder
WCW Bruisers Sting, a lot of sculpey and the tops of 2 spray paint lids for the saw blades.

Hypno Hustler
X-Men Morph with a GI Joe Extreme Lt. Stone head.

Spider-Man Animated Rhino body, plasyic tubing for the arm detail and a small platci elephant cub for the head.

M.O.D.O.K. figure (natch) plus a chain gun from a G.I. Joe ARAH Whirlwind and arms from the Spider Power Doc Ock's accessory Octo Bot.

The Orb
Spidey Animated Peter Parker.

The White Rabbit
Marvel vs. Capcom Morrigan figure with hair from a Total Justice Huntress and bunny ears from some random easter toy.

Spider-Mobile/Bombastic Bag-Man boxed set
Bag-Man: Techno Wars Spidey and a paper bag.
Spider-Mobile: TMNT beach buggy, dowel rods for the roll bar and halves of Power Slammers Rouge's projectiles for the headlights. Special Thanks to: My mother, for finding the elephant head and bunny ears in the nick of time and for doing the sewing on Angar's vest and White Rabbits coat. To Ryoga and Dare for inspiration on Angar and White Rabbit, respectively and for general support. To Granite City Comics for valuable reference and the paper bag. An finally, to you, the player (sorry bad Capcom in joke). Seriously though, thanks to everyone who's helped with this project and to Cool Collecting and Tim for giving me a place to show off my stuff so that others can nitpick it to the point where I no longer wish to live, you guys rock.