Neon Genesis Evangelion


All the Neon Genesis Evangelion figures were made by Dare.

The eva display is a combination of 2 periods of customizing. Phase one consists of customs from a few years ago, when Eva was still hot in Japan. Nearly all of them use other Banpresto keychain figures as bases.

EVA 05: An Eva 02 keychain, with arms, wings and weapon from another Gumball series. Custom head sculpt.

LELIEL: I stick a few custom parts (2 buildings and an Eva arm) onto the base and then just glued a Ping pong ball on top of everything. I then painted the surface of the base black to represent his shadow casting ability.

BARDIEL/EVA03: Just an Eva 00' with a reworked head, and lengthened arms from another McDonald's barbie.

EVE: A kaworu figure from the 2nd series, with lots of sanding and putty.

Phase 2 consists of very recent work. Every single one of them is a sculpt from scratch, using Super Sculpey. I started with Zeruel, whom I thought really was shortchanged by Bandai and never got a figure, then went on to Shinji, Asuka, Maya and finally Misato. If you look carefully you can probably see slight progress (I hope!) from one to the other in order, and the heads also got progressively bigger. oops.

I had a hard time trying to do Misato's helmet. I finally used a paperclip, bent to shape, as a frame, then hot-glued some plastic from a toy bubble onto that, and then covered up the edge with plumber's putty. Once I had that shape I sculpted the rest of her helmet onto her head out of Sculpey, aligning them as I went along. Turned out pretty good, IMHO.

BESERK EVA 01: An Eva 01 from the first keychain series, plus an arm from a Mcdonald's barbie. I dug out the mouth and chest and altered them. Then came the splattering of "blood". :-)