The New Teen Titans Animated Series

The New Teen Titans were made mostly of figures from the animated Batman series and were created by Davy Stone with help from Chip Kraus.

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Wonder Girl was made from a Wind Blitz Batgirl.

Robin was made from a Spectrum of the Bat Robin. The cape is cloth.

Kid Flash was made from a Bola Trap Robin. This figure required a bit of smoothing out with contour putty to remove the grooves from his outfit.

Starfire was made using a Harley Quinn body and head, while a modified Creeper boa serves as the hair.

Cyborg's body is a somewhat modified Ski Blast Robin, while the head is borrowed from a Shaq Steel figure.

The Changeling was made from a Crime Fighter Robin.

Raven was made from a Paris Elegance Anastasia. The bottom of the dress was cut open and slit down one side. Then a partial leg from a Toy Biz Dagger was glued inside the skirt. The cloak is cloth.

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