PUMAMAN. At last, the legendary man-god is host to his own line of action figures.

Pumaman Pumaman (pounce)

The PUMAMAN action figure sports 11 points of articulation and a posable cloth cape, allowing him to fly like a moron in a variety of poses. Strike fear into enemies with his Action Puma Pounce™ : just a squeeze of his legs, and his claws spring to life.

Vadinho Vadinho (punch)

Your Pumaman will require teaching in the puma arts from a semi-competent Aztec man. VADINHO features limited articulation (7 points) but retains his dignity. Activate his Action Aztec Punch™ to knock out the villains who are sure to capture our fledgling hero.

Hero 2-pack

The two figures above also are packaged in a hero two-pack.

Jane Jane (mask) Mask

JANE DOBSON is Pumaman's friend and an unwitting pawn in his enemies' plans. She is packaged with archaelogy textbook and the Mask of the Gods, a powerful talisman for controlling people's will -- and for driving the plots of cheesey Italian movies about slacks-wearing superheroes. Features 11 articulated points.

Kobras Kobras (mask)

Every hero needs a villain - preferably a funkily dressed one played by Donald Pleasence. KOBRAS comes with a custom pedestal to hold the Mask of the Gods (sold separately). Place him on it so that he may control world leaders while gaining several inches in height. Features 7 points of articulation.