Puma Man

All of the Pumaman action figures were made by John Abrahams.

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Head: Hannibal Smith A-Team (Galoob)
Body: My Loving Family Dad (Fisher Price)

The head had its jaw narrowed and its hair redone in an effort to remove all traces of George Peppardian manliness. The body's "baby-cradling" action was switched into a deadly puma pounce with the addition of some new forearms (sculpted) and hands (robbed from an army guy). His belt is a rubber band ornamated with epoxy clay, his emblem is sculpted, and his shirt tail is a scrap of soft plastic. The boots are modified from Austin Powers. The cape I slapped together with some fabric glue due to a fear of sewing. I took a page from Leslie Hancock by hiding a wire into the seam so that the cape can be posed for flying.


Head: Original sculpt
Body: Dude Love (Jakks Pacific)

The head is original except for the eyes. The shirt decoration was made with wire, and a new fist was added to add punch to his uppercut action. Pant legs were sculpted over the wrestling boots, which were changed to those regular brown shoes.


Head and Body: Star Trek Counselor Troi (Playmates)

Trek fans will note that, um, not a heck of a lot was done here. I did give her a new hairdo and tried to remove all vestiges of the Trek decorations around the upper shirt. Still, she came out looking a lot like Dr. Crusher for some reason.


Head: Original sculpt
Body: Dr. Evil (Macfarlane Toys)

Donald Pleasence cashed many a paycheck for wearing outfits like this one. Reportedly he once said that he could have had a career like Olivier if it weren't for the alimony payments he had to make. I for one believe it, even if his head is mistaken for an egg at times. Donald rocks. So anyway -- the head is sculpted, and the body is a total repaint, with some height removed from the legs.