Red Dwarf: The Animated Series

S.O.S! This is distress call from the Jupiter Mining Company ship: Red Dwarf!

Red Dwarf: The Action Figures

Now here's a line I never expected to see! Based on British sci-fi comedy series, this first wave has all the main characters!

Dave Lister

Dave Lister
After spending three million years in statis; this slobby space case has the unearned distinction of being the last man alive in the universe.

Lister comes with removable hat (shown), a soft rocket-firing Bazookoid, a can of lager and a bowl of chicken vindaloo.


Vain, narcissistic, self, self-centered and shallow. And those are his best qualities! The last member of a race that evolved over three million years from Lister's pet cat, Frankenstein.

Cat comes with a mirror, a robot goldfish and Talkie Toaster.

Arnold Judas Rimmer

Arnold Judas Rimmer
"An incompentent vending machine repairman with a Napolean complex." Although he was resurrected in hologramatic form to keep Lister sane, Rimmer's still a smeghead.

Rimmer comes with removable hat, a light-bee, a clipboard, a tension sheet and bowl of gazpacho soup.

Kryten Series 4000 Mechanoid

Kryten series 4000 mechaniod
Kryten joined the Red Dwarf crew when they found him tending to the needs of the deceased crew of the Nova 5.

Kryten has a removable head and comes with a feather duster, an apron, a groin-mounted vacuum and Holly the ship's computer (shown above)

Series 2 is to rumored to include:
Kristine Kochanski
Vindaloo Curry Monster
Hilly and Bob the Skutter 2 pack
Ace Rimmer (what a guy!)