All the Roswell figures were made by Mark Harvey.

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Isabel Evans (scene) Isabel Evans


Jean Grey (X-Men movie) with milliput extending the hair, and also on the cuffs, trouser bottoms, and jacket. All repainted.

Kyle Valenti (scene) Kyle Valenti


Logan (X-Men movie) with the head of O'Connel ( from The Mummy) Claws cut of and sealed over with milliput. Some repainting on hand and shirt.

Liz Parker - Crashdown Cafe (scene) Liz Parker - Crashdown Cafe


Willow (from Buffy) with milliput for the sleevs and colar, painted cloth for the skirt, thin plastic for the apron, wire and milliput for the head dress thingie, reconstructed arms using milliput, and dremmled legs. All repainted.

Michael Guerin (scene) Michael Guerin


X-Files Mulder in arctic gear with milliput for the hair and a repaint.