Star Trek

All the Star Trek figures were made by Chris Lee.

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Group shot of the seven new figures of the first wave. In addition, new Voyager figures will be released in the original style packaging to commemorate the show's final season.

Recipe: Slightly modified Voyager cards. Barclay from 'Pathfinder': Barclay head, Target Picard body. Q from 'Death Wish': Q head, Paris body. Tamiya acrylic paints were used for all figures.

Lieutenant Natasha Yar as seen in the episode, 'Encounter at Farpoint.' In one scene, about as brief as her television career, Yar mans the bridge wearing the 'intergalactic cheerleader' style outfit.

Recipe: First season Natasha Yar head, torso and arms, Janice Rand skirt and legs. Dremeling on sleeves and skirt.

Captain Kirk as seen in the episode, 'A Piece of the Action.' Kirk hams it up on a planet of gangster imitators while violating the Prime Directive yet again.

Recipe: Toyfare gangster Kirk w/ 1940's Data hat.

Mr. Spock as seen in the episode, 'A Piece of the Action.' Spock's 'Do I make you laugh?' scene, left on the cutting room floor, was later used by Scorsese in 'Goodfellas.'

Recipe: Dixon Hill body and hat. Classic Spock head.

Number One as seen in the episode, 'The Menagerie.' Gene Roddenberry sets a new standard for female leadership roles by assigning the Enterprise a female first officer. Unfortunately, in the regular series Majel Barrett is demoted to sickbay nurse.

Recipe: Nurse Chapel head (get it ?) and torso. Yar legs. Fimo shirt and hair.

Captain Kirk as seen in the episode, 'The Enterprise Incident.' The Romulans demonstrate why they're the weak sisters of the Alpha Quadrant losing their prized secret weapon to Kirk in this obvious get-up.

Recipe: Classic Spock body. Environmental suit Kirk head. Dremeled pants, face, and hair. Fimo pant legs and textured shirt. Wet brush gray on shirt. Felt sash.

The M-113 Creature (a.k.a., the Salt Vampire) as seen in the episode, 'Mantrap.' Envious of Kirk for getting to make 'first contact' w/ so many aliens babes, McCoy tries getting in on the action himself. Too bad this is what he gets.

Recipe: Nausicaan head and body w/ extensive exacto work. Kneadatite face, hair, body, and hands.

Captain Picard as seen in the movie, 'Star Trek First Contact.' After cutting up the rug on the Holodeck, (Picard), Jean-Luc Picard in his Dixon Hill persona goes postal on the Borg.

Recipe: Picard head. 1940's Data body. Kneadatite bowtie.