The A-Team

This A-Team line is by Mark Myers.

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Believe it or not, this all started because I found an old B.A. Baracus figure in my Grandmother's basement after having seen a 1-800-COLLECT commercial featuring Mr. T. I remembered how much I used to love Mr. T, and after finding out that he was back in the public spotlight, I felt it would be great to build a better B.A. Below are the recipes explaining how each figure was made.

Hannibal: Hannibal started his life as a Jon Baker doll from MEGO's popular CHiP's line. I simply recast the head of the Galoob version of Hannibal, sanded it where needed, inserted an eyehook into the base of the head and then threaded the head to the lower body using elastic cord. The head was then painted with a combination of Acrylics, and Animation cell ink to get the various hues of Hannibal's skin and hair tones. The Clothing came from various Mego figures including Boss Hog (White Shoes), Blue Slacks (Bo Duke), Ammunition Belt (Jon Baker's belt with holster and baton latch removed), Beige Safari shirt (from Action Jackson), and finally a reproduction Planet of the Apes M-16 from

Face: Same basic deal with Face as with Hannibal, Face's body started life as a random MEGO doll. Unlike Hannibal however, his completion happened only a week before the deadline for Custom Con. Face borrows clothing from Luke Duke (shirt), Boss Hog (pants separated from top of original outfit and taken in to fit Face), Action Jackson (AJ Motorcycle Adventure set), and finally his shoes are reproductions from Face's, uh, face (sorry couldn't resist the pun) and head were recast from the Galoob version just like Hannibal. It was sanded where needed; an eyehook was inserted into the base of the head and then was painted to match it's Galoob counter part, I made minor changes like thinning out his smile and making his complexion darker to give him the appearance of a tanning booth tan. The head was then threaded through the lower body using elastic cord.

Murdock: Howling Mad Murdock would really be miffed if he saw what I had to do to this figure to make it work. Dwight Schultz is not an extremely tall man, and I wanted to reflect this in my figural interpretation of him. A MEGO Starsky donated his body to Murdock. The lower legs were cut off just a half-inch or so below the knee joint, and newly recast socks and shoes (recast from the Galoob B.A.) were attached. The rest is exactly like before his head was recast from the Galoob version, was sanded where needed, an eyehook was inserted into the bottom of the head, the head was painted to match the original, and then the head was threaded through the MEGO body using elastic cord allowing for full maneuverability.

B.A. Baracus: This is what started it all. No really, if not for my desire to make a Mr. T Mego, (Nick-named Mr. T-EGO by Cindy) The A-Team as you now see them may never have existed. B.A. Began life as a bottle of Alumilite and some broken Mego parts. As a matter of fact the figure is less than twenty percent real MEGO. In order to make B.A., and not have to carve/sculpt a complete torso from scratch, I made a hollow casting of the Galoob Torso, and added a recast MEGO lower torso so as to not have to waste original parts. I also recast B.A.'s fists, lower legs (Shoes and Socks), his head (of course), and made duplicates of the bracelets worn by my MEGO Conan to complete the live action/cartoon look. B.A.'s Upper lower legs (at the knee, to the top of the socks) are recasts, again not to ruin original parts. His upper arms were recast from LJN's S.W.A.T. figure, which features a much-more defined upper musculature. His forearms came from a discarded MEGO Ponch figure who's gloved hands had been removed and were replaced with the recast fists attached to new wrist joints. The separate pieces were painted where necessary. The figure was then pieced together using original MEGO knee pins, and strung together with elastic cord like his other A-Team brethren. His "sweats" are an extra pair of MEGO Star Trek pants I had laying around. All in all, not nearly as complicated as it sounds. =~)

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