Avengers: Celestial Quest

This The Avengers: Celestial Quest Line is by Andy Rallis (aka Aragorn).

Swordsman : A base Pirate Batman figure. Batman's cowl was shaved down, the head was slightly reshaped and Swordsman's helmet ornamentation was added. The trickiest part was that I had to graft a new nose and ears onto the head from some other figure. The belt and shoulder strap were sculpted on and the skirt was cut from some plastic packaging. Details on the gloves added with craft lace. The coloring of the figure was digitally modified to be green.

Scarlet Witch : A Blink upper body, grafted onto an Aurora lower body. The hair & tiara are sculpted. The boot & bra lacings are wire, glued on. Ringlets were added as bracelets. Miscellaneous sculpting of jewels on garter and necklace.

Vision : A Mummies Alive figure (forgot which) with a Dr. Strange cape. Resculpting of the cape's collar. A lot of sanding of the figure's body.

Thanos : A repaint of Thanos; the gold parts of the costume were covered in gold foil. The pointing finger was cut off and resculpted.

Quoi : A camouflage Swamp Thing with an Ultimate Iceman head. The hollows in the Swamp Thing were filled in with epoxy putty. The digits on the hand were trimmed. The facial features were resculpted.

Reptyl : Stegron base. The Stegron head was actually cut off, turned 180 degrees and reattached, then new facial details were added and old features removed by sculpting. Hands and feet were trimmed to four digits. The chest emblem was added by gluing a button and some plastic coated wire to the figure, then smoothing over with epoxy putty. The wrist gauntlets and boots were added the same way.

Silverclaw : A Savage Land Storm body with a Savage She-Hulk head and Tigra claws. The hairline on the She-Hulk head was heavily trimmed and resculpted. Necklace added with craft lace and sugar beads. Details added with wire and sculpting.