The New Batman Adventures

This TNBA: The Mudpack line is by James Mclardy (Bruenor).

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Clayface 1

This is a Batman Forever Two Face body with a BTAS Ra's Ah Ghul head with the beard removed. The mask is from a Gargoyles Hard Wired Xanatos with the beard sanded off and cut and glued to a Shadow hat. The cape is a B&R Batman cape with the collar from a Legends of Batman Pirate Batman.

Clayface 2

This is a re-paint of the Clayface that came with the Alfred 4-Pack.

Clayface 3

This is the torso of a STAS Deep Dive Superman with the lower body, legs and arms from a Capture Claw(??) Superman.
The Head is an X-Men Shadow King that came with one of the Age of Apocalypse figures. The "hood/helmet" is from the Deep Dive Superman.


This is a re-paint of the Arkham Escape Batman with a cut thin plastic "tear" added to his chest.