Batman the Animated Series: The Rogues

"BTAS: The Rogues" is once again delivered by toy designer Fred Aczon.

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BTAS: The Rogues logo artwork courtesy of Kryptcom. Contact him at See his great artwork at


Batman (TNBA Version)

TNBA Batman is made from an Arkham Escape Batman torso, Combat Belt Batman arms, legs, and head, and a Infrared Batman cape.

Clayface I

Clayface I was made with a Hunchback Frollo head, Dixon Hill body, Vinny (?) from Disney's Atlantis gloves, Bob the Goon hat, and a Ninja Robin cape.

Nightwing (First Costume)

Nightwing is made from a Nightwing body, BTAS Dick Grayson head, and a Shadow cape collar.


KGBeast was made with a Doc Samson body, Spider-Man head, and the gun from a Robocop figure.

Batman Beyond "Prototype" Suit

The Prototype was made using a Future Knight torso and Combat Belt Batman head, arms, and legs.


Kobra was made from a TNBA Bruce Wayne body, sculpted head, and vinyl cape/cloak from Blacklash.