Dr. Who

ICP Direct Presents Doctor Who

After years of poor quality Doctor Who action figures, Matt from Iron-Cow Productions decided to take a break from his normal Batman related lines and pursue an interest from his childhood. In development for over a year, this line shifted mid-production to complement the new products from Product Enterprise. As such, all the ICP Doctor Who figures are in scale with the Pro-Ent Daleks and will feature 15 unique figure in their debut line plus two Custom Con exclusive variants and a History of the TARDIS playset.

Shown here is the entire Iron-Cow Prod ICP Direct Doctor Who showroom. 30 prototype figures (some duplicates) were shown along with the History of the TARDIS playset. In the background are previous Iron-Cow Prod. customs as seen on the www.ironcowprod.com.

The First Doctor

Doctor Who made its debut in 1963, with William Hartnell as the first actor to portray the Doctor. Here his likeness is immortalized in plastic. The First Doctor comes with a removable cane.

The Second Doctor

Portraying the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton is a favorite among fans. He took over the role from William Hartnell after poor health led Hartnell to leave the series.

The Third Doctor

Jon Pertwee became the third actor to play the role of the Doctor, bringing a more action-oriented James Bond feel to the show. The head sculpt shown here is a work and progress and a more accurate likeness will be included in the final product. Also, his trademark jacket and cape are in development, and should be included with the final product. However, they might instead be included in a future variation figure of the Third Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor

Easily the most recognizable of the Doctors, this figure represents the era of Doctor Who when Tom Baker played the title character. Seen with him is a fellow Time Lord companion Lady Romana II and a work in progress K-9 accessory. K-9 should be ready for inclusion by the time the line hits the shelves.

The Fifth and Sixth Doctors

After Tom Baker left the series, the producers felt the need to depart somewhat from the type of actor normally associated with portraying the Doctor. As such, Peter Davidson was chosen to play a more sensitive, youthful Doctor.

After Peter Davidson left to pursue other projects, he was ultimately replaced by Colin Baker, a Doctor who was irrational and occasionally violent. The Sixth Doctor by far had the most garish design of all the Doctors, reflecting his unstable nature.

The Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctors

Here is another shot of the Sixth Doctor to show the craftsmanship in the patterning. Joining him is the Seventh Doctor, as portrayed by Sylvester McCoy. Not shown was the Seventh Doctor's umbrella. The Seventh Doctor was the last character featured in the television series before the show was canceled.

However, in 1996, there was an attempt to revitalize the Doctor Who series. A made-for-television movie was created featuring the Seventh Doctor (McCoy, center) who regenerated in the Eighth Doctor (right) after being shot in an alleyway. The Eighth Doctor featured actor Paul McGann in the role.

ICP Doctor Who Custom Con Variants

Seen here are two Custom Con Doctor Who variants. This version of the Fourth Doctor (left) comes without the oversized scarf and the Sixth Doctor (right) is shown without his multicolored jacket. Both were displayed primarily to show off the intricate work that went into producing the patterning on the fabrics.

The Auton 2-Pack and the Master

As seen in the Third Doctor story arc "Spearhead From Space," the Autons are the ground troops for the invading Nestene Consciousness. The Autons are capable of animating anything plastic, and are seen here as mannequins that attack London. Note the Auton's Hand Weapon.

Shown with them is the Master, the Doctor's ultimate nemesis. Roger Delgado was the first actor to portray the Master, and will ultimately come with his own TARDIS playset, available in the ICP Fall 2002 Doctor Who line.

The History of the Cybermen 3-Pack

In conjunction with Pro-Ent's upcoming Cyberman figure, the ICP versions explore the early initial Cyberman designs. In the back is the original Cyberman as seen in the episode "The Tenth Planet". On the far left is the Mark II Cyberman from "Tomb of the Cyberman." Finally the Mark IV Cyberman is on the right, as seen in the episode "The Invasion." The Mk IV Cyberman also comes with a flame-thrower accessory (not seen in this photo).

The Sontarans 2-Pack

The Sontarans are the perfect warriors. Powerful beings, these clones are nearly unstoppable. The ICP Sontaran figure comes with a removable helmet to show the warrior underneath.

The TARDIS playset

The TARDIS is the vehicle the Doctor uses to travel through time and space. Shown here is the TARDIS itself, and both the original console and the updated console from the Fifth Doctor era. Both consoles are works in progress, but will make their appearance when the line hits the shelves later this year.