Marvel's Most Wanted: Another Universe

This Marvel's Most Wanted: Another Universe line is by Jack Hsu.

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Dr. Spectrum: A Spiderman repaint.

GrandMaster: A Quicksilver figure, repainted. Expoxy putty was added to further exaggerate the hair. The tunic robe was from an animated Fortress of Solitude Superman.

Hyperion: The Torso and Legs are from a Hercules Iaolus. The head is from an X-Force Banshee. The arms are from a JLA Martian Manhunter. The capes is a modified JLA Manhunter Cape.

Power Princess: Fantastic Four Medusa figure. The hair was removed and epoxy putty was added to sculpt the helmet and new hair. The shield was from a Fantastic Four Invisible Woman.

Whizzer: Repaint Fantastic Four Human Torch. Shoulder pads were made with epoxy putty.