Star Trek

Apparently, there was some sort of legal confusion about the licensing of Star Trek figures, and Playmates has managed to squeeze in yet another wave of 4.5" figures. The wave includes 6 figures that have not previously been made in this form.

First up, we have Riker in the movie-era uniform. Although a Lieutenant Thomas Riker was made in a gold version of this uniform, this is the first of Commander Riker.

Next is Admiral Spock. This figure has been much-anticipated throughout the collecting community.

Third is Bashir in dress uniform. With this figure, all the main characters that are Starfleet personnel from DS9 have been made in their dress uniform, excluding Worf.

Next up is Admiral Cartwright, from Star Trek IV and VI. This treasonous Starfleet Admiral makes a great addition to the line-up.

Fifth, we have Ensign Vorick, the sole Voyager figure in this wave. He was one of the recurring supporting characters that was initially overlooked, as the first wave of Voyager figures was made prior to his appearance. Finally, Playmates has made this figure of him.

Finally, we have Captain Sisko as he appeared when he was at a command post during the Dominion war.

This looks to be one last hurrah by Playmates, and will be a great addition to everyone's 4.5" line-up.