Star Trek

This Star Trek line is Tim Priebe.

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When I was getting ready for this year's CustomCon, it had been awhile since I had updated my customs on my section of Cool Since that was the case, I discovered that I actually had enough Star Trek customs done and not yet online to make up a whole CustomCon wave of figures, so here we are!

Riker was made from a Commander Sisko body, the same one that I took the head from to make Sisko in this wave. The head was from some random Riker figure. The hands were repainted, as was the communicator.

Spock was everyone's favorite recipe, a Generations Kirk body with an TNG Ambassador Spock head.

Bashir was a Bashir head on a dress uniform Data body. I gave him new hands from another figure, and repainted his uniform. I decided not to go with the green-blue that Playmates used, but something slightly more blue.

Cartwright was made from a Generations Kirk with the head from a Congo Monroe figure. Using a still image from Star Trek VI as reference, I created the medals in Paint Shop Pro and printed them out. I then decoupaged them on over a thin layer of Super Sculpey, and painted the very edges black. I also painted an extra gold line along the figure's uniform flap, and painted the hands the correct color.

Vorik was simple enough. He was a Data as a Romulan head with a Lt. Carey body. I opted to just repaint the head and hands rather than sand or dremel off the forehead ridges.

Sisko was a Picard figure with a Sisko head and hands from Geordi LaForge.