Superman: The Animated Series

This Superman: The Animated Series line is by Tim Priebe.

Jor-El was made, of course, from a Fortress of Solitude Superman. I sanded all the little knobs off the squares on the arms and legs. I cut off Superman's S-curl and added a thin piece of wire for the headband. I also dremelled the chin down a bit and added a cleft to the chin. The cape-thingy was extensively modified. I got rid of the Superman symbol on there, and lowered the neckline so it would be more accurate. The circles that were added are from neck-pegs from a couple of other figures. The thing running in between them is a rubber band.

Baby Kal-El was made from scratch. He's articulated at the neck and shoulders.

Dan Turpin was made from a BTAS Two-Face. The head was originally a BTAS Bane. The only part you can still see of Bane's head is the neck and the chin. I also added Sculpey to the sides to make Dan a little stockier.

The Parademon was made from a Shan-Yu figure. (He's the main villain from Mulan.) The figure was actually a McDonald's premium. He required a ton of dremelling and reconstruction.

Abin Sur was made from a TNBA Nightwing. The nose was made with Super Sculpey. The logo was decoupaged on.

Dark Knight Superman is a TNBA Batman with a STAS Superman head and a cloth Batman cape.

Dr. Fate is a TNBA Batman with a Super Powers Dr. Fate head. The belt and glove modifications were sculpted on with Super Sculpey. The cape is a TNBA Batman cape with the little triangles cut off the bottom and the cape's collar is made from a piece of plastic off a bubble from some figure's packaging.

Colonel Sam Lane was a TNBA Bruce Wayne figure. I took the suit part off Bruce's overcoat and glued it to the front of Lane. I then blended that in with the rest of the body with Sculpey. I also added the mustache with Sculpey. The "braids" on the shoulders are rubber bands.

Lobo's head was a TNBA Bruce Wayne. I cut the nose shorter and added a bigger chin with Sculpey. The hair, of course, was Sculpey. The torso and arms are from a Batman Beyond Happy figure, of course, with a minimal of modifications. Between the feet and the waist is a BTAS Bane. The feet are from a Batman Beyond Happy figure as well. This figure required quite a bit of sculpting.

The Kryptonian Ship is made from a Titan AE Turbo Surge Phoenix. The swing-back wings were removed. The holes from those were covered up with craft foam. The stripes were also craft foam, as is the little Z wings on each side. The red dots were printed out as computer decals. I also customized the interior, but it doesn't look exactly like it did on the show. I spray-painted the ship white to start out with, then painted the other details on with normal acrylics.