Marvel Universe: Unfinished Business

by Albert Lew.

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The Women of the X-Men Universe


Jubilee - repainted Alpha Flight Aurora with Robot Fighter Jubilee head and Generation X Jubilee coat

Dazzler - repainted Battle Blaster Jean Grey with Street Fighter Rogue vest


Boom Boom - repaint of monster armor Rogue, Jean Grey hair, Alpha Flight Aurora glasses, White Queen's vest, milliput gloves/belt/boots

Siryn - repaint of monster armor Rogue, milliput hair, 1st Banshee cape


Meggan - repainted Water Wars Storm, milliput ears

Phoenix - repaint of Battle Blasters Jean Grey, milliput hair and spikes


Hepzibah - Made from Spiderman Black Cat figure, dremelled down the leg fur, and added a tail from space rider Jean Grey's ponytail

Lilandra - with variant headsculpt, made from Deathbird figure with milliput helmet and felt cape. Body armor covered with Bare Metal Chrome. Non armored head is from from Spiderman Wasp

New Mutants/X-Factor

Mirage - body is Streetfighter Cammy, milliput belt and boot tops, feather from Native American Spawn

Polaris - body is Robot Fighter Storm, head is Onslaught Jean Grey, milliput details