Pong 2: The Paddles Strike Back

by Ketracel White.

For cryin' out loud, not again! The "figures" were made from wooden model components painted with acrylics. Viking Paddle's horns were made from soft, uncured Sculpey, 'cause I couldn't have been any lazier with these figure. My apologies, yet again, to all the other customizers who submitted real customs. These sarcastic customs are just a few more of my comments on some of the things I find silly about current trends in the action figure world. Such as, how many different variants of one figure can a line possibly have? Here's a trivia tidbit to wow your dinner companions: Playmates' Star Trek line had 3,524 Picard variants in it! Throw around information like that and you'll be the life of the party. Viking Batman was, is, and always will be a bad, bad idea. And Pirate Batman was even worse.

Thanks to Arkenyon for the idea for the "Expert" and "Novice" paddles. Though in hindsight maybe he was tellin' me to knock it off with these things...