X-Men: Evolution (2000 - 2002)
by Toy Biz

Package Description

Over millions of years, our bodies have stopped adapting to the environment because we seem to have adapted our environments to fit us. But now, the world is out of control and the mutating gene within us, the X-Factor, has been reawakened this time in high gear. The world's new mutants emerge at puberty, and find themselves shut out by "normal" society. Professor Charles Xavier identifies these teens, trains them to control their special abilities, and unites them to defend the Earth. Their enemies are malicious mutants led by Magneto, who wants to rule the planet his way.

This entirely new X-MEN series, unlike the original, features teen characters whose powers are entwined with personal weaknesses they must overcome. Bound together by strangeness, the join to defend a world that fears them.


Apparently skipped "Series 4".

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