With the return of several 80's action figure lines, such as GI Joe and Voltron, Hasbro has finally taken the hint and is releasing some new Super Powers figures! The fans have been waiting a long time for this, and it looks to be worth the wait.

The action figures on this page were made by Joel Klase.

Parasite- SP Superman base, hands from X-Man, head from Spidey's Chameleon figure.

Metallo-SP Green Lantern body and legs, Dr. Fate arms and SMOS Steel head. The hole in his chest is from a pen's casing, the rest is rubber bands and Magic Sculpt!

Dr. Sivana- Head from a Toy Biz Lex Luthor, Torso from a Mini-Me, legs from an Anastasia male. Glasses from plastic and wire. If you look closely he's holding Mr. Mind in his right hand. Mr. Mind was made with Magic Sculpt. Shadow Thief was cut from thin foam material found at a craft store.

Ocean Master- SP Green Lantern, replaced right hand with one of Dr. Fate's, head from Juggernaut, helmet sculpted from Super Sculpy.

Capt. Boomerang was made from a SP Samurai with a SP Aquaman's gloves. the head is some Congo figure and the rest is Magic Sculpt.

Amazo- Made from SP Aquaman's lower torso and legs, SMOS Superman upper torso, SP Dr. Fate arms, and Prof. X's head with Green Goblin ears.

The Creeper-SP Flash base, X-Man's head and pom-pon balls for the fur.