DC Direct - World's Finest

This year, DC Comics has decided to preview what figures are upcoming at Toy Fair. Is this a harbinger of these toys showing up at mass market stores like Toys R Us? Only time will tell. They had a few different assortments on display.

DC Direct: Wave One

All of the DC Direct World's Finest: Enemies and Allies figures were made by Jason Geyer.

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Bane: WWF Kurt Angle figure, with sculpey mask and belt.


Robin: DCD Cosmic Boy with sculpey gloves, belt, tunic, shoes. Toy Story 2 Emperor Zurg cape.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy: WWF The Rock figure with Sculpey legs, hair and chin.


Supergirl: Electra Woman figure, with kneadatite skirt and belt, WWF Tori head and head (modified), MOS Cyber-Link Superman cape.

Sivana and Mr. Mind

Sivana & Mr. Mind: All sculpey Sivana, all Kneadatite Mr. Mind.

Captain Marvel / Shazam

Shazam Variant: repainted DCD Shazam with modified neck (looking straight, not down), kneadatite sash.