Batman the Animated Series: The Rogues

"BTAS: The Rogues" is once again delivered by toy designer Fred Aczon.

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BTAS: The Rogues logo artwork courtesy of Kryptcom. Contact him at See his great artwork at


Batman and Robin "Classic" Two-Pack

Batman is made from an Arkham Escape Batman torso, Combat Belt Batman arms, legs, and head, and a Detective Batman cape. Robin is made from a Crime Fighter Robin body, Ninja Robin head, and an Arkham Escape Batman cape.

Ra's al Ghul

Ra's is made from the age-old recipe of a Ra's al Ghul head and BF Two-Face body. Add a new coat of paint and a Ninja Robin cape, and voila!


Ubu was made from a Shadow villain (Dr. something!) head, Doc Samson torso/arms, and a Shadow Mongul warrior legs. Not exactly like his animated counterpart, but he works for me!

Two-Face (Convict Attire)

Two-Face was made from a BTAS Two-Face head and Captain Sisko body.

Inspired by custom figure guru Charlie Jackam.

Lady Shiva

Shiva was a straight repaint of a Ninja Turtles Princess Monoke(?) from the third movie's figure line.

The Wrath

The Wrath was made from a BTAS Batman body and a Detective Batman cape.