Superman the Animated Series

Hasbro gave a special presentation here at the con this year, once again reviving their Superman: The Animated Series line! They showed a large number of new figures, and included updated packaging for two previously-released figures.

One of Hasbro's Superman displays

Hasbro's Packaging samples

Superman and Lois Lane are finally on-model, looking better than ever.

Big Barda is the latest addition to Hasbro's New Genesis line-up

Metron completes the line-up of New Genesis Heroes appearing in the Superman series

Kanto leads off the list of new villains

Desaad is Darkseid's right-hand man

Lashina is the first of the Female Furies to make it into plastic form

Luminus adds yet another villain to Sueprman's rogues gallery

The Preserver's Monster form from the ending of the episode, "The Main Man, Part II"

Mala will finally be joining her Phantom Zone Partner, the previously-released Jax-Ur, on retail shelves this fall in that long-promised 2-Pack.

This Soldier comes from Brainiac's headquarters in Superman's first episode