By Mattel and Strange Mark Studios

Finally, Mattel bring us right up to date with Collection Three, based on Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb's best selling current Batman storyline: Hush. Helena Bertinelli was given a brand new (if slightly illogical) look in Batman #609 by artist Jim Lee.

Helena's new look is captured here in the form of this 7" scale action figure! To keep Huntress company in this new collection is her reluctant ally Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle, seen here in true Jim Lee style, complete with wheelchair and laptop computer.

As with previous collections, "O" and "H" here are available individually carded, or together in the Collectors Edition box set.

Keep your eyes peeled for further "Huntress" releases from Mattel and Strange Mark Studios! Rumours are that we may be seeing figures such as Nightwing, "Sicily Helena" and "Child Helena", along with another plastic rendition of Ashley Scott's Huntress in the near future!